*****Red, White, & Blue Collar Radio

……………Brought to you by the Vast American Wing Conspiracy at Red, White, & Blue Collar Radio


Welcome to Red, White, & Blue Collar Radio, home of the vast American Wing Conspiracy, dedicated to restoring our Constitutional Republic.

In 2009, Randall Yearout, founder of Red, White & Blue Collar Radio, began writing and broadcasting the Constitution Minute on the American Christian Network in eastern Washington and northern Idaho.

Randall is a middle-class husband and dad in work boots, with a great burden for the success of America. He has no vast or even modest fortune to protect, or seek favor, for other than American freedom and individual liberty for all of us and our descendants.  Since 2000, he has studied the Constitution and those who conceived it.  Out of his studies, he has gained an unshakable belief that the creation of this nation and its founding documents were superintended by divine Providence;  that the two major political parties have abandoned those principles which made us free, peaceable, and prosperous; that the Constitution Party has been established by that same Providence, to provide a place where those longing for a return to Constitutionally-limited government can join without having their own leadership oppose them;  that the path to the blessings of the Almighty for this nation are contained in the ancient wisdom and faith of our founders and the Natural Law they used as the anchor of their nation-building.

Randall refers to himself as a “Constitutionist”.  A constitutionist does not believe that statute law, treaty, executive order, Act of Congress, or court ruling trumps the Constitution or the Natural law which the founders used to fashion it.  Today’s breathtaking federal encroachment into the sovereignty of the Union states, and the people, is illegitimate and outside the delegated powers “We The People” gave it.


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